Just one step and you can transform your yard or patio into a year-round paradise .The problem is how to protect you from wind, cold and rain. Or, how to be protected from annoying insects, noise, and dust? All this can be solved by our retractable patio enclosure CORSO GLASS. You can even separate the smokers form the non-smokers. All this can be solved by retractable patio enclosure.



  • Size and Price

    Enlcosure 438cm Lenght x 3m width x 260cm max height  standard price  9200 €  outlet price 6830 €

    Enlcosure 502cm Lenght x 3m width x 260cm max height  standard price  9400 €  outlet price 7220 €

    Enlcosure 650cm Lenght x 3m width x 267cm max height  standard price 11360 €  outlet price 9238 €

    Enlcosure 746cm Lenght x 3m width x 267cm max height  standard price  13700 €  outlet price 9833 €

  • Standard Features

    The standard includes:

    - PC Solid '3mm' polycarbonate filling;

    - single sliding doors, the position of which can be selected: small / large front wall or the largest segment

    - wind locks for each segment,

    - painting in the TIGER structure in any color from the RAL palette;

    - flashings for sealing the contact between the structure and the existing building;

    - keyed segment locking system

    - the left and right sides wall, which are fixed with door, is it include the price.

    - sliding doors included

    - each segment moves freely on its own guide, as in the video.

    - the end walls are fixed.

    Solid polycarbonate is a material that combines unbeatable impact resistance with very high transparency, which makes it an excellent choice for demanding applications, a great alternative to glass.

    This material is practically indestructible, transparent as glass, twice as light and at the same time 200-300 times more resistant to impacts.

    Solid polycarbonate intended for outdoor use has double-sided protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation, thanks to which the installations made will last for many years in an unchanged form.

    - the system has a gutter under the guides at the building wall;

    - additionally, there are flashings to seal the contact between the building and the ALUNA structure

    - there are sealing rubbers between the segments

    - this is our standard fillings and copes well with snow loads,

    - as standard, polycarbonate has support beams at max. 50-55 cm

    - 70-80 kg per m ^ 2, I think it will withstand no problem


  • Color of construction

    Color of construction 

    Silver White Anthracite Bronze Cobalt Wood imitation
€9,200.00 Regular Price
€6,830.00Sale Price
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